Become A Part of An Important New Sustainability Direction in Hawaii!

HOSPRO is just beginning its push to become a dominant factor in Hawaiian agriculture and sustainability. We see the promise in oil palms as equivalent to that experienced by soybeans on the mainland where beans and their products now dominate protein products for food, edible oils, cattle feed and plastics. Palm oil can play those same roles in Hawaii, a much smaller area; but because oil palms can produce 10-12 times the amount of oil per gram weight that soybeans do, the impact per production area is much greater. Oil palm vegetation, palm fruit wastes and oil can be used to make the same things soybean oil does with one caveat; it can be used and made in Hawaii thus cutting the need to import such products from off-island and saving our local economy hundreds of millions of dollars, all of which can be put to use in making our economy more sustainable while creating many jobs and new businesses as well.

HOSPRO welcomes your participation in reaching our sustainability goals. There are numerous ways individuals, families, businesses and others can participate. One is to donate directly to HOSPRO. Another is to purchase our stock shares currently available at $2/share and in two types, common and limited preferred, the latter consisting of only 15,000 shares with a 24% payout premium after 2 years which gives us a quick way to raise cash. Another is to volunteer to assist in operations by helping prepare fields for planting new seedlings, for working in our oil extraction mill, and for working in our nurseries to grow out the many thousands of new trees we will need to plant in the coming decade. Land donations are especially welcome.

Finally, you can also help us by planting some (or a lot!) of our oil palms. They make a nice ornamental tree and so we have opened several categories of planting depending on the amount of land you own (see our models of landholder participation). This means that anyone with ½ acre to many acres to hundreds or thousands of acres can help make Hawaii sustainable.

Please send letters of inquiry or cooperation to our address (HOSPRO, 200 Kanoelehua Ave., No. 205, Hilo, HI 96720) or contact us via email at We are now taking information (names, addresses, contact numbers/emails and desired number of trees) for a list we are building so we know how many tree seeds to buy and seedlings to raise to begin our expansion push. Donations can be made directly at our PayPal site above and checks etc. should be made out to Hawaii Oil Seed Growers LLC, both to be deposited in our bank account at First Hawaiian Bank. Mahalo!


200 Kanoelehua Ave. #205
Hilo, HI 96760

Phone: 808-294-0750

Email: dr.steiner

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